April 1, 2015

Make Money from your Beer Recipes, No Joke!

by LouieMacGoo
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Kit LabI know what your thinking, this is April Fools day and the BeerBorg is trying to pull one over on all us brewers, but I assure you that this is a real thing! One of the dreams of almost every home brewer is to go pro and make money from brewing beer. For most of us this is a pipe dream and never something that we would pursue. For others, they like where they are in their brewing and are quite happy to make beer that they, thier friends and relatives can enjoy and maybe even enter some competitions to get some hardware to display in the “Man Cave” or “Brew House”. No matter which of those categories you fall into, now there is an opportunity to make some money from your hobby. (I kid you not!) That is where Kit Lab comes in. Simply upload your own recipe to the Kit Lab site and they will put together all the ingredients in their proper amounts into a kit for other brewers to buy. Then because it’s your recipe you get paid for each sale.  So if you sell a 5 gallon kit will get you $5. A 10 gallon kit will get you $10 and the more kits you sell the more money you can earn. You can either get the cash or use the credit towards purchasing other beer kits

This concept is a new idea by Ryan Sanders who also started and runs BetterBeerKits.com which has been selling beer kits and equipment for almost 3 years. There are basically 2 issues that Ryan is trying to address with this new concept. One is being able to get everything you need to brew with all in one place without having to search the web for different ingredients for a recipe. Second is eliminating the left over ingredients. So often you can’t buy a specific amount of each ingredient for a recipe and the extra hops and/or grain ends up going to waste.

This idea hasn’t been seen before in the homebrew world and if successful could be a game changer in how brewer, both new and seasoned buy and develop their beer recipes. Ryan knows that there are still a lot of questions swirling around about how this is all going to work but has been very open to hearing peoples concerns and ideas. In the BeerBorg forum thread about Kit Lab Ryan wrote:

“(I) really appreciate you guys picking the idea apart – its threads like this that help us identify the friction points in the business model and adapt accordingly! We really learn a lot from conversations like this…”

His openness with where he sees Kit Lab fitting into the market and adapting to provide a good experience for the brewers is evident and has helped to bring some notable people such as Billy Broas, PBS personality and founder of The Homebrew Academy, Teri Fahrendorf from The Pink Boots Society, and Marshall Schott of brulosophy.com. from the home brew world onboard with the idea. These are just a few amongst  several dozen recipe author that have already contributed nearly 500 recipes (so far) to be available when the site goes live in July.

Yes that’s right you will have to wait to sell your first recipes and start building your homebrewing empire but you can help to get them there by contributing to the Lab Kit Kickstarter Campaign which starts tomorrow, April 2nd. In the mean time you can start getting your recipes in order and figure out which ones will make you a millionaire!

Also it’s important to know that on the backend Kit Lab has four wholesale suppliers (Brewcraft USA, BSG Handcraft, Fermentap, and Seven Bridges) that will be able to ship their bulk product within 24 hours. This ensures quick delivery of the final kits using fresh premium products and good beer as the final product.

Hey wait there’s more! BeerBorg will also be working with Kit Labs to provide recipes and other projects that will benefit the BeerBorg community members. Make sure to head over to the forum and check out the Kit Lab thread and all the other information that is available.




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