April 4, 2015

BrewDemon’s Big Demon is almost here

by LouieMacGoo
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Brew Demon

Ever since BrewDemon started just over 2 years ago they have been trying to push the envelope when it comes to small batch extract brewing, with the introduction of the 2.5 gallon Little Demon conical fermenter which gave small batch a more professional look and feel over the “Little Brown Keg” that many people perceived as a “toy” and “not really a home brewery system”. BrewDemon’s contributions to small batch brewing has influenced changes across the industry including it’s nearest competitor Mr. Beer. has actually introduced a new form factor for it’s 2 gallon fermenters that it sells as an upgrade to it’s long standing keg fermenter that so many people have had their start with. 2013-01-07 16.21.58

Now after a long time in development and BrewDemon is poised to aggressively move into a larger fermentation arena with a 7 gallon conical fermenter that they are calling the Big Demon that will resemble the smaller fermenter. Yes, I know what your thinking they already had a large 6 gallon fermenter that they sold! This is true but that was a BrewTec fermenter and not designed by them. Sam Dramis, President and CEO of BrewDemon wanted to have something unique to the market and provide the best brewing experience at the best price point and feels that the Big Demon fermenter is that product.

photo 5
Pre-production Prototype

“(We’re) calling it the Big Demon conical…the big brother to our Little Demon.” 

~ Sam Dramis

The design of these new fermenters mimic that of professional brewing equipment proportionally in shape and volume allowing the wort to have reduced exposure to the trub while maximizing head space for the kraeusen. In addition to having a spigot, similar to the Little Demon design the fermenter also has a bottom “dump valve” opening to allow for an easy trub dump and will offer a number of different valve options. The lid is the complete diameter of the fermenter which should make cleaning much easier. It also has an hole for an air lock. The fermenter will be made available in both Clear and Amber and will come with a black plastic “collar” stand similar to that of the Little Demon fermenter.

photo 4
Big Demon with additional hardware. Size comparison with Little Demon fermenter.

Although the cost of the fermenter has not been released it should start in the  low $100 range with a cap or plug in the bottom and shorter legs and go up from there with longer legs to accommodate the different add on options and upgrades that will be available including stainless steel tri-clamp valves.

At the time of this writing dimensions of the fermenter aren’t available although you can get an idea of it’s size from the picture of it next to the Little Demon conical.

Update (4/4/15): the “basic fermenter with the standard base measures approx. 24.5” x 14”

So when should you expect to see this new conical fermenter?  The final production units we’re delivered to BrewDemon in March but they are still working out the packaging and upgrade options so BrewDemon expects to have these ready to ship this month.

Hopefully BeerBorg will have a review unit soon and I’ll let everyone know as soon as we do. Also once these Big Demon fermenters are available BeerBorg and BrewDemon will provide details for a Big Demon Give Away to some luck brewer(s). (We’re still working out the details on that too.)

Update (4/6/15): This is a photo of a final version of the “basic” fermenter. Other version will have longer legs to accommodate the different accessories that will be made available.


If you would like to read more about the development and see the conversation surrounding it please check out the Forum topic thread.

Click on any photo below to start the slideshow from the development of the Big Demon fermenter including the final version of the fermenter. You can also see some short videos of the fermenter being pressure tested here and the final version of the base unit being tested with a batch of beer.

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